City of Morton - Morton Washington

Morton Schools


  • All students who attend Morton Schools are learning personal behaviors, knowledge and skills that are necessary to make informed choices that enrich their lives in the future.
  • Learning is occurring in a flexible educational environment allowing individual students to achieve their highest potential and interests.
  • The latest and most current instructional material, meeting the needs of the instructors enhances learning. The instructor’s needs are being identified as part of an ongoing process of updating the long-range plan for curriculum.
  • The community, staff, and students have a positive feeling of pride about their school as an educational leader of the state.
  • They feel a sense of ownership as they are allowed to participate in the decisions that affect the future of the school. All school grounds and buildings are sage, accessible, functional, and aesthetically pleasing which also reflects this community pride

Morton Schools Morton School District
152 Westlake Avenue / P.O. Box 1219
Morton, WA 98356
(360) 496-5300 phone
(360) 586-3208 fax
John Hannah, Superintendent
Phone:  (360) 496-5300

Board meetings are held at 6 p.m. on the third Monday of the month. If a holiday falls on the third Monday, then the Tuesday following would be the meeting date.

Morton High School
152 Westlake Avenue  / P.O. Box 1169
Morton, WA  98356
(360) 496-5137 phone
(360) 496-6035 fax
John Hannah, Principal

Morton Elementary School
400 Main Avenue / PO Box 1299
Morton, WA  98356
(360) 496-5143 phone
(360) 496-0327 Fax
Josh Brooks, Principal

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Centralia College East

Centralia College East (CC East) located in Morton, represents Centralia Colleges dedication to meeting educational needs of the residents of central and eastern Lewis County. CC East provides registration services, educational advising and tutoring, Running Start, career counseling, assistance with financial aid, adult literacy tutoring, GED, T.E.E.N. program for pregnant and parenting teens, career and placement testing, and online access to Centralia College's library resources.

Centralia College East - Morton Campus
701 Airport Way / P.O. Box 147
Morton, WA  98356
Phone: 360-496-5022 or 360-736-9391 Ext. 380